“YouTube at the End of New Media”

You tube has become, well lets just call it special for a lack of a better term, Youtube have become a special kind of website. Most people will go on youtube for a specific reason, for example to watch part of a debate that they missed and the next thing they notice its been three hours and they are now watching raccoon videos and have no idea how they got there. Youtube tends to have a way of sucking you in without to even realizing it.
In the reading it talks about how “the number of videos on Youtube is almost to large to comprehend”, and thats because anyone is allowed to post what ever they want(to an extent) on youtube. With print, the “entertainment” aspect is somewhat able to be monitored more easily than the entertainment on youtube, you are able to find some crazy videos.
Has youtube brought an end to new media? but also in the reading they ask the question in different way, “has ‘new media’ within the current media regime of premeditation become to limiting of a concept?” I believe that youtube has actually reinvented the definition of new media because youtube allows the user explore many aspects of news, music, and entertainment in one place. People have become “famous” on other social media sites but you usually always tend to see them also say ‘hey go check our my youtube as well, I’ll be posting vlogs so you can keep up with my life, music, dancing, what have you.’ Youtube has opened a world that people probably didn’t think was possible to entertainment.
This new world is more complex than anyone could think of, for example music videos. I remember when I was little every morning I would try and watch what this weeks upcoming music videos where. Now i can just log into youtube and watch whatever video has been uploaded. There is essentially now wait time now, for the ADD world.


Seeing ourselves through technology

We as a society have made the word “selfie” a phenomenon. We cannot help taking selfies, more people than others, every chance we get. We end up taking selfies so much the invention of the selfie stick came about. We used to “pick on” or “make fun of” people who used such things.

I remember seeing this photo back in the early 2000s and seeing people say how she looks stupid and dumb, because who would use a stick to take a picture. But now we have a desire to take selfies so much, selfie sticks are band from a lot of places, six flags and the sate fair for example, because of some many people using them in inadequate times.
Parmigianino is said to have used a mirror to take a selfie, and that hasn’t really changed much in todays time. Girls use the bathroom to take pictures of themselves more than they use it for its rightful need.
We as a society need to have the acceptance of others through what we post on social media sites. The technology we use, like the FitBit example used in the article, is the same as the selfie Parmigianino. Technology can effects as we are trying to see our selves in different ways. We haven’t evolved as much as we want to have think we have , from where we were back in Parmigianino’s time period.
We have always tried to describe our selves in aways different than we actual are for millenniums.  From making sculptures, drawing ourselves or others, painting ourselves or others, and today taking pictures of ourselves and editing them to have them look the way we want. We have the desire to see ourselves better than we see ourselves in the mirror. We take the new “perfect” photos and post them for the world to see, we share them so people can see who and what we are doing.

How This Become That

The reading starts with the simple quote…
“Information theory is not sufficient. It doesn’t include the misunderstanding and the lie” -Hubert Fichte
Information is not always 100% all the time, it is always hiding something to keep someone or something safe. Information theory is only partial, it is not acceptable. Information is not reliable, its difficult for all the data to be gathered and controlled.

There are many different platforms that can cause things to go viral, just think about how one celebrity can post something on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and then it goes (what seems like) automatically viral. Through time and with technology advancing, the way that media objects are changing and formatted is spiraling and changing every second. People allow things to just go and expand online to see what happens. Its easier for something or someone to go viral because of all the social media platforms mentioned above. A great video can be posted on any social media site and someway it will become viral. With people commenting, sharing, liking, a post or video is what allows something to expand.
In the movie that we watched in class, the General did not want to say or mention anything about the virus going “viral” because he did not want it to ruin his plans and get him in trouble. People will allow something to go “viral” to help hide something even bigger to keep them “safe”.


(ignore the fact that this website is about “fitness”, please and thank you)

The Ghost is written by Steven Johnson. This book was quite complex. Viruses can be caused by the smallest little, insignificant thing. Something just as simple as a infant getting sick and the mother disposing of the soiled fabrics an cause a world of terror. This book just does not focus on just a community becoming sick, but the “savage attack” of an epidemic that caused a society to change and one man’s journey to get to the bottom of the disease and fix it. Just think about how things and events spread and how it affects a group of people, be it viruses or just information, like rumors. John Snow could not figure out what caused the epidemic, and decided to “painstakingly reconstruct” peoples view of the pump and the directions they look to get water or figure out how the epidemic got started.


Books like The Ghost Map have helped end killer diseases, according to Steven Johnson. Books like this help people to understand how dieses can easily be transmitted through animals and feces, that are just laying around and infecting everyone, but the idea to help clean up the cities and lead all the cesspools into the river, where the community gets their drinking water from, causes dieses like cholera to grow worse.

With Snow adventuring out and tying to figuring out what caused the epidemics and how to stop the plague, it caused him to figure out how people where getting sick and how to potentially stop it with a map. The map showed the activity in the neighborhood, representing the death with the address linked to water pumps, that lead to figure out what pump was causing all the deaths.

The map showed that people are capable of figuring out what causes plagues and stopping them. This causes deaths to become less and less frequent in large cities.

If we end up listening to the people around us, who know what is going on, people can realize how to make large societies livable with large populations. Without viruses, we would have not found out and discovered many of the things we know and use today.

final project- Project 5

For this homework, I recored my voices.  My project is going to be the owner of a soccer store and his customer.  The customer is in buying new boots for her upcoming season.  So i will have two voices and background sounds.


What is YOGA? it is a Hindu Spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for healthy and relaxation.
There are different forms of yoga, like Hatha Yoga and Power Yoga.
Yoga is food for your hearth health. Hatha provides little cardio, unlike Power Yoga which can be compared to a brisk stroll (aka a “mall walk”).
Weight Loss:
A 50 minute Hatha class you can burn around 145 calories. In power Yoga you an burn about 250 calories.
Body Strength and Flexibility:
Doing Yoga for about 8 weeks or so, studies have shown a participants flexibility increases by 24 percent.

What is PILATES? A system of exercise using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibly, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.
When doing Pilates you body will FEEL THE BURN, but it doesn’t really affect your heart at all.
Weight Loss:
In a 50 minute beginner workout you can burn about 175 calories; an advanced class 255-375. If you want to lose weight and maintain that, do a 45-60 minute advanced workout at least 4 days a week!
Body Strength and Flexibility:
Pilates is better for strengthening your core muscles and the more difficult obliques. Your flexibility in your back, hips, and hamstrings will vastly improve.

Which do you prefer? Do you want to find your inner you? or improve your physical strength?

Killer Leg WorkOut

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!
Now it’s time to get back in the gym and burn off all those calories!!

LEG DAY is my most favorite day in the gym! I love the feeling of being sore and not being able to walk for a three days!!

Leg Workout

This workout is killer. I typically do 3 or 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

I pair this workout to the abdominal workout in my last blog post! combining legs and abdominals helps keep my full body in motion.
Remember to drink lots of water with everything that you do!

Have a happy Holidays yall!


Working out my abs is probably one of my most favorite workouts that I can do (right up there with LEG DAYY!!).
Having the “perfect” abs makes me feel accomplished!!

Here are different abdominal work outs that I do and love!
Hanging Leg Raise
3 sets 12 Reps

Weighted Twist
3 sets 12 reps

Dumbbell Side Bend
3 sets 12 reps

Bench Leg Pull-in/Knee-up
3 sets 15 reps

Cross-Body Crunch
3 sets 20 reps

Swiss Bell Crunch
3 sets reps

3 sets 30 seconds

Kneeling Cable Crunch
3 sets 10 reps

Jackknife Sit-Up/Crunch
3 sets 10 reps

Russian Twist
3 sets 12 reps

This workout will burn, but you will love the feeling it gives you in the after affect. Remember you can do abs everyday because your abdominal muscles reset everyday!



Do you drink soda?
Have you ever tried to stop?
Have you thought of the effects it might have on your body?


Becoming fit and eating clean has been the new fad for a while. People have started to cut out everything that is classified as “bad” and “unhealthy” from their diets. I have witness people stop drinking soda completely and actually lose weight. One my friends and her husband would drink almost a 24 pack of soda a day. She cut out soda completely from her life for a couple months and she could definitely see a difference in how her clothes were fitting.
But what about someone like me? I’ll admit I drink soda, some days more than others, but for me, when I cut out soda you can’t see any difference occur in my weight. I never lost the weight that my friend did, or really any weight at all.

So is soda really that bad for you? or does it only depend on the amount you drink? or is it just a frame of mind?

Another thing that I tell people who love drinking soda is: did you know that as “healthy” as DIET soda is, it kills your metabolism? It makes it harder for your body to break down food and decreases the speed at which your body burns calories. So it’s actually harder for you to lose weight.